Jasmin has big goals. Like really big goals.

The biggest being her goal of becoming a practicing physician while still pursuing her dream of writing.  She is currently a family medicine resident at her dream program, trying to hide from her pager. Jasmin received her medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine. She received her undergraduate degree from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,  where she studied medical journalism and biology.

Jasmin’s work in the reporting field has been recognized by both state and national organizations, including The Charlotte Observer and Kaiser Health News. She was awarded the North Carolina Medical Journalism Scholarship in 2014 by the North Carolina Medical Society and UNC Chapel Hill for her passion in health reporting.

Though she is still learning, she hopes this blog will help other writers, pre-med hopefuls, students and residents in general navigate their way through the college, medical school and residency. She also hopes her funny life stories brings smiles to anyone reading the blog.

Notice: everything published on this blog are Jasmin’s thoughts and hers alone. They do not reflect the ideas or thoughts of any of the organizations she is/was a part of. Many of her posts also contain a lot of sarcasm. Please take her words with a grain of salt. Like a HUGE grain because sometimes she gets too into her work.

Find her works by following the links below. Some of her accomplishments include:

  • North Carolina Health News
    • Student Reporter (August 2014-May 2015)
    • Intern in NC General Assembly (June 2014-August 2014)
  • The Daily Tar Heel
    • Assistant City Desk Editor (August 2014-February 2015)
    • Senior City writer (September 2013-April 2014)
    • Staff writer (May 2012-August 2013)
  • Carolina Pre-Medical Association
    • Shadowing Co-Chair & Executive Board member (April 2014-April 2015)
    • Shadowing Committee member (August 2011-April 2014)
  • Carolina Scientific Magazine
    • Online Content Manager (April 2014-April 2015)
    • Staff writer (January 2013-April 2014)
  • Carolina Week
    • Health & Science Correspondent (January 2014-April 2014)

Other than writing, Jasmin loves to dance, though she hasn’t performed in a while (she has in the privacy of her room). She enjoys reading, dabbles in photography, is a Starbucks addict and likes to spend her Friday nights alone in her apartment watching Netflix and eating pizza.

You can find and follow Jasmin on Twitter and Instagram.  Feel free to leave her a message about anything! And if you are a medical student who needs help with ERAS or personal statements, Jasmin loves to edit papers and write in her very little free time, so feel free to reach out if you would like her help.

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