How to tell if you are turning into a common white girl

In my almost four years of college, I think I’m starting to turn into a “common white girl.” I also dressed up as one for Halloween – the costume was a hit, so I guess I did it right!

So how do you know you are becoming one? Here are five warning signs:

1. Your Starbucks addiction has gotten so bad that all the baristas know your name and your order by heart.

All I have to do now is just open my wallet and the barista knows who I am and what I’m getting (always a venti caramel frapucciono). Or since it’s “holiday season,” I’ve joined the caramel brûlée latte bandwagon.


2. You’ve become obsessed with sweatpants and leggings.

Though I don’t like wearing them out of my room, I’ve come to understand the joy that is sweatpants. How it took me this long to realize how amazing they are is beyond me.

3. You have too many boots.

I can’t. It’s a problem and I can’t stop. At least I can say I only have one pair of UGGs… dear lord this is sad.

So true. Also, not my boots – just thought I should throw that out there….. awkward….

4. You’ve become so attached to TV characters that you think they are real.

If only The Vampire Diaries and Scandal did not exist, I would be able to function as a normal human being again. But instead, I’m sitting over here dreaming about Ian Smoldereyes (Somerhalder but you know, the eyes).

5. You’ve started saying “YASSS” and “I can’t” on a regular basis.

I do this in regular conversations I have with my friends and as a grammar freak, this is really upsetting to me. I can’t.

Did I miss something? Is there a way to stop this? Please tell me because the inner brown girl needs help.

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