Trilane Moisturizer + Discount Code

DSC_0946Hey everyone! You all know that I’m not one for a lot of makeup or skincare products. Mostly because I’m super lazy, but also because I have sensitive and very oily skin. So I tend not to change up my face routine in the worry of causing another lovely acne attack (aren’t those just so much fun??).

But a few weeks ago, I was asked to review a moisturizer here on my blog. So instead of using my face, I convinced my mom to try this product for the past two weeks. The moisturizer is from Healthy Directions and it is the Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C moisturizer.


Healthy Directions is a direct-to-consumer retailer for doctor-formulated and researched supplements and skincare products. All products are triple tested to make sure that everything is safe, pure and of high quality, ensuring that they work for their intended use. Sounds great, right?

This moisturizer in particular is marketed to be anti-aging. Their website claims that this product does the following:

  • Smooths and evens skin texture
  • Speeds turnover of skin cells
  • Reduces fine line and wrinkles
  • Protects from environmental damage
  • Reduces brown spots
  • Minimizes and unclogs pores

It is claimed to be gentle enough for everyday use. Here is a diagram from the brand that highlights some of their key ingredients.

Diagram from Healthy Directions website.

One of the big things this product highlights in it’s ingredients is retinol, which is a derivative of vitamin A that is known to help fight aging. Prescription medication/lotions have retinoic acid, a strong and potent chemical used for anti-aging. In normal over-the-counter/drugstore alternatives, they contain retinol, a more gentle form of the acid that also fights aging, but at a slower rate (since it is weaker). This means that it will take longer to see results.

This moisturizer contains a pro-retinol or retinyl palmitate, which is the most gentle form of retinoic acid, but also the weakest. So while this still has anti-aging properties, it requires repeated/continuous use and a long time to see meaningful results.

Based off of all of this, my mom and I had a feeling that her dark circles weren’t going to go within two weeks.  So let’s get on to the review!


The moisturizer is valued at $42.49 on Amazon, putting it in the high-end/nicer skincare range on the market. The product came in nice, solid packaging. The bottle was made out of a glass like material and is sturdy, making it look like a luxury product. It also comes with a pump, which is another plus because that means it is easy to get just enough product without making a mess.


My mom said the consistency is like a light-weight oil. She related it to baby oil. It is odor-less as well.


She applied around 2 pumps and massaged it into her face, kind of like you would a regular lotion or moisturizer. She made sure to apply an even, smooth layer all over her face. She usually applied this each night after washing her face, before she went to bed.

Here is her face at the start of the two weeks. She normally has prominent dark circles under her eyes and darkness on her cheeks.


She continued to apply the moisturizer each night for two weeks. Here is the updated photo:


Overall, my mom enjoyed using this moisturizer. She didn’t see a big difference in her dark circles, but her skin was smooth and the dark patches on her cheeks had some slight improvement. She thinks using it everyday continuously would probably help diminish her circles in the long run. She said it is a great everyday moisturizer, especially for people with dry skin, like her.

If you want to try this product, we have a special offer for you! You can get 20 percent off of your first purchase of Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C if you buy it from Healthy Direction on their Amazon page.

Reader Discount: 20% Off

Reader Discount Code: SAVERETC

Promotion code expires 12/31/15

Let me know how you feel about this product in the comments. And share this post so all your friends and family can get this lovely discount. I know my mom will continue using it until it finishes!

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Healthy Directions and contains the honest and unbiased opinions of both myself and my mom, who kindly agreed to try this product. I received this moisturizer, as well as a discount code (see above), from the company in exchange for an honest review.

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