10 things to do on a snow day

Here at UNC, we were blessed with another week of snow, thus giving me another five day weekend. I’m proud to say I woke up fairly late and am still in my heated blanket and have enough food to last me two weeks. I regret nothing.

So if I refuse to go outside in that arctic tundra, what can I do instead? Here are some things you can do while you are stuck inside on a snow day, or if you are like me, refuse to go outside and interact with the world.


As students, we probably never get enough sleep. I know I don’t. With classes canceled and no reason to go outside, I suggest taking advantage of the situation and sleep the day away. Look, I’ll be honestly with you. As soon as I got that email about classes getting cancelled at 9:30 this morning I went straight back to sleep. No shame.

Explore your dorm

I’ve lived in my dorm for three years and I just now discovered that we have vending machines and a theater in the basement. Now either that’s just really sad for me or really cool. I’ll let you decide that. Take this chance to go exploring and maybe you will find something useful, like an ice machine.

Netflix binge

Ever since my dad got Netflix, I have basically lost all sense of time and life around me. I mean, every single TV show you could ever watch is right in front of you and you never have to leave your bed. And with all 10 seasons of Friends, The Vampire Diaries and House of Cards coming back tomorrow, I think I am prepared to waste even more time.

Creep on all of your Facebook friends

I’m a very boring person and I’m okay with that. I also have tons of random people on Facebook that I honestly don’t know why I’m friends with other than the fact that sometimes in pure fits of boredom I start stalking their pages and live vicariously through them. I mean, if I look at 20 photos from that frat party you went to last weekend, that basically means that I went to it too, right? Right. Don’t judge me I know I’m not the only one who does this.

Have a pamper day

Treat yourself to a hot shower and a sweet coffee. Give yourself a face mask and paint your nails. Basically, do all the things you have wanted to do for yourself that you haven’t been able to because of school. Take advantage of this day and give yourself a restful break!

Clean your room

Right now, I have books and papers all over the floor, shoes everywhere and clothes piled up on my chair. I mean, you come back from classes and you think that you will get to picking up the mess but then you just push it back and forget about it and soon enough you can’t see your floor. Now, I’ve never gotten to that point, but you should still take advantage of this free time and clean/organize your room! You never know what you might find under that pile of papers. Like I found an unopened box of Girl Scout cookies, so who is the real winner here?

Actually do your homework

Yeah, I said it. You’ve been slacking on the reading and haven’t written that paper but the sad reality is that school is going to start up again and professors are going to expect you to actually do your work. It’s sad, but true. Don’t let yourself fall deeper into the procrastination hole.

Read that book you’ve always wanted

I love reading for fun but in college, you barely have enough time to stay on top of your class readings. Have a book that’s been sitting and mocking you on your shelf? Pick it up and enjoy it! I’m currently reading The City of Heavenly Fire and it’s given me a nice little escape from reality. But honestly, reading is great and you should do it, especially on a snowy day like this.

Watch people slip and fall

Anna and I used to do this in our old dorm where we were living across from the sorority houses. We would just pull up our blinds and watch drunk sorority girls yell and stumble down the street. It was always a lot of fun to watch. Now, I’m watching people attempting to ice skate on the bricks… let’s just say that it’s just as funny.

gv2f6nH - Imgur

You could go outside

I mean yes, there is snow outside and everyone is out there building snowmen and making snow angels but it’s also really cold. And wet. And slippery. Knowing my luck, I’ll step one foot outside, land right on black ice and fall to my chilling end. If you venture out there, let me know how it is.

I hope these ideas are useful. As for me, I’m going to stay in my bed and bask in my lack of social skills.

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