Let’s help get Vaughn his little sister

Hey everyone!

So this is a different post for me, but I really wanted to share this amazing story and opportunity.

Jennifer Hartz (or Coach as I like to call her) was my amazing physical education teacher back in high school. We both lived in the same small town of Elizabeth City, NC (where absolutely nothing exists, but we do have a Wal-Mart!) Each day, we would talk about that long car ride up and just appreciate each other’s company. She was one of those teachers I could go to for anything and was always there to make me laugh.

Coach is also an AMAZING writer and has several book series, including Future Savior and Heroes of the HordeIf you are looking for a good book to read, these will definitely grab your attention and keep you begging for more. I know I couldn’t put these down and I can’t wait to read the last of the Future Saviors this week (now that I’m done with college – post about that to come!) She has also been a great mentor when it comes to writing, since I want to write books in the future.

So all in all, Coach is a pretty awesome person. And I want to give back for all that she has done for me.

Coach also has an adorable son named Vaughn. And what Vaughn really wants is a little sister. Coach and her family have been planning on adopting a little girl for a while and now, the time for their amazing journey has come! They set up a little blog to document their journey to their daughter. I think that is amazing of them to share their story with us.

In one of her videos, Coach mentioned that her son said he wanted people to donate to his sister’s adoption fund for his birthday because “family is more important than toys.” Now if any of you know me, I am a cold-hearted, hard-to-please individual (unless you put Starbucks in front of me). But when I heard that, I was so moved and overwhelmed by his maturity and his love for his sister — the sister he hasn’t even met yet. That line is what prompted me to write this post.

Coach has been planning on adopting a little girl since her son was born seven years ago. It’s time for Vaughn to get his littler sister. They have set up different charity fundraisers, like a motorcycle rally and a crafts fair, through out the summer. If you live in Eastern Virginia/North Carolina area, definitely check those out!

More information can be found on their blog, along with updates about the adoption process.

They also have a You Caring fundraising page that you can donate too. All funds are going toward getting Vaughn his little sister.

So help me to give back to Coach for everything thing that she gave me. She gave me words of wisdom, guidance, and a safe haven at school. She inspires me everyday to continue my passion of writing and even encourages my sarcastic wit. Please share this post so Vaughn’s birthday wish can come true! I know I will.

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