Things I Heard in Medical School: Volume 27

I finally finished my family medicine rotation! And it is very safe to say that it was my favorite one yet. Not only did I learn so much from my residents and attendings and got to be so hands-on with their patients’ care, I also heard so many ridiculous that I left laughing each day. And now I am here, sharing them with you! This week is a tad shorter, so make sure you check out last week’s and the week before to be fully up to speed with the shenanigans that was family medicine. I hope you enjoy this volume of Things I Heard in Medical School!

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Things I Heard in Medical School: Volume 21

The secrets always stay in clinicals. #Nursing #NursingStudent

I’m back! I took a bit of a break from blogging to focus on exams and learning how to become a functioning member of society again. And now, I am officially a third year medical student! Though I don’t have any more formal lectures in a classroom, I still get to hear ridiculous things from doctors, nurses, residents, patients and anyone in between. If you are within 10 feet from me, chances are that I am listening to whatever ridiculous thing you are saying.

As my first week of rotations comes to an end, I wanted to recap my time with some of the things I heard in the halls of the hospital. So, without any more stalling, here is TIHIMS:  VOL 21! Continue reading

Things I Heard in Medical School: Volume 13

Should I be paying attention to pathology right now? Yes. I mean, I should be doing a lot of things. But why should I be a responsible student when I could be bringing you the newest edition of Things I Heard in Medical School! And a special shout out to my pathology lab group — where I learn way more about you all than I do about actual pathology. Did I catch you saying something ridiculous? Let me know!

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Let’s help get Vaughn his little sister

Hey everyone!

So this is a different post for me, but I really wanted to share this amazing story and opportunity.

Jennifer Hartz (or Coach as I like to call her) was my amazing physical education teacher back in high school. We both lived in the same small town of Elizabeth City, NC (where absolutely nothing exists, but we do have a Wal-Mart!) Each day, we would talk about that long car ride up and just appreciate each other’s company. She was one of those teachers I could go to for anything and was always there to make me laugh. Continue reading