Things I Heard in Medical School: Volume 3

Even though we are starting the second half of the semester, we still need to remember everything we learned since January. This includes random (and sometimes funny) quotes from professors and friends. Here is the third volume of TIHIMS — make sure to check out the first two as well! Most of the quotes this time are from biochemistry.


“Some people love my accent and some people hate it. Make sure you are on the side that loves it and it will be better for everyone.”

“We don’t want iron floating around because you will die and that’s not good because you want to live.”

“Remember in general chemistry we learned that bond is sp2? Forget that we don’t need that anymore.”

“Someone who is somewhat anemic is probably tired. Maybe wacky. That’s me.”

“You can fix carbon monoxide poisoning with hyperbaric chambers. I know nothing about this.”

“What is one thing that true for all patients? They lie. They always lie. I lie when I go to the doctor.”

“I get angry at people who go late and now I’m doing it. This sucks.”

“Please just come to my office if you have questions. I won’t eat you.”

“You will never have DAG and cAMP present at the same time. That’s sacrilegious.”

“I tried getting one of your classes canceled
because I know you are tired. And here I come talking about lipids, which is so exciting.” *while rolling their eyes the entire time*

“Lipids are those droplets you see on top of your chicken soup.”

“Are you nicely confused now?”


“Oh you ate your food, aww good job! Bulls—! You are supposed to eat it.” (professor)

“Can you guys not come next week? I want to get really wasted” (student tutor)

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