Front Row Views: Volume 7

Term 4 left me really salty. Term 5 is only adding to this. Take a break from ICM by reading this volume of Front Row Views, where I let my personality shine bright like a diamond.

A girl started to screach during pathology lab. Either she saw a spider or she is way to excited about male pathology.

I’ve now been labeled the ‘hater.’ I don’t disagree with this statement.

Who are these losers blasting musics outside my window? Vet students. Always vet students.

Bully boy has become my personal assistant. I think I could get used to this.

Our professor keeps making weird noises like “du to du to du,” ¬†and calls thrombus a “lumpy bumpy.” This is medical school terminology guys.

There is a random Term 1 in the row in front of us. Excuse me, but are you lost?

Smoke loving blondie is sitting right in front of me during our review class. If I have to hear about your love of cigarette smoke smell ONE MORE TIME.

Every night I go to bed thinking I’ll get up early and study and be a good little medical student. Morning me obviously vetoed that idea because it’s now 12:30 in the afternoon and I’m still wrapped like a burrito.

Out of ALL of the empty chairs in this library you decide to come sit 2 chairs away from me? What did I do to deserve this?

Today while trying to shower, the water decided to take a holiday. I’m now sitting in my room with my hair filled with shampoo. This is the third time this term.

Just got an email from one of my lab partners filled with memes. Oh boy, you are messing with the wrong meme queen.

All I want in life are good grades, good friends and sleep. Guess which one isn’t happening (jokes on you none of the above).

After two years on this island, you would think I would be used to the stupidity and ignorance of my class. Surprise!

Someone is making musical sound effects in the library. Sorry buddy but tryouts for High School Musical were like 10 years ago.

My friend whipped out a blanket in class. Oh why thank you peasant for saving your queen from the ice tundra that is this classroom.

I hate people. I’m starting to realize that I might of picked the wrong field…

Today we got to stand in the back of a pickup truck and be driven around the island of Grenada. It was fun! Until it started DUMPING rain. And there was only one umbrella. And seven of us. TONS. OF. FUN.

In the weeks coming up to finals, the construction workers decided that the long black wire running below their work space wasn’t important. Goodbye, WIFI.

After coming back from break, the school has finally taken my advice and gotten rid of the volleyball court and thus the shouts of happy people outside of my window. Finally, something is right in the world.

Everyone: “Oh my gosh I don’t see you at all anymore!” Well duh. That’s the point.

Oh just kidding, they’ve replaced the court with tons of construction. Starting at 6:30 A.M. Every. Day. WHY.

The guys in my selective have decided that the best way to befriend me is by invading my personal bubble. Clearly, they have a death wish.

I’m convinced the person who sits next to me in class only exists to push all of my buttons. He’s winning.

I can’t tell if we are having another earthquake, or if my room is shaking because of the giant drill/machine/hammer thing outside my window. Eh.

My roommate and I are the same person. We have the same work ethic. Say the same things. Write our schedules the same way and highlight in the same God-awful pattern. Where have you been all my life?

I’ve decided to give out hugs this semester. In order to qualify you must: be Hrithik Roshan.

There’s a new coffee shop on campus that is the Caribbean’s version of Starbucks. Take my money. All of it. And my soul. And my hopes and dreams. Sorry mom.

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