Things I Heard In Medical School: Volume 4

Back at it again with the silly (and sometimes really weird) quotes. But when teachers say these ridiculous things, the material sticks better! Here is the fourth volume of TIHIMS — all quotes are from professors, TAs and friends. Make sure to check out the others if you haven’t! And share this post if it gave you a good laugh!


“I know this is like a different language for you… just learn it.”

“I’m so glad they use phosphatidylcholine now because the other word breaks my tongue.”

“So now I’m going to read this long table to you… in your dreams. No.”

“When I see the class all out there looking interesting in what I’m saying it get’s me going. Wait, I’m talking about biochemistry, not something else!

“That is how the sugar ends up on your hips!”

“Look at these kids. They are enjoying ice cream and they aren’t supposed to. Maybe they took Lactaid pills.”

“HMP is my least favorite pathway because I just don’t get it.” (professor. Yes. PROFESSOR).

“We didn’t do the bongs until the end. Wait… NO not that!”


“IUntitled mean, Valentine’s Day was just yesterday. So you can draw out this heart and your significant other will think you are so caring but no, you are really just practicing your pharyngeal arches. They don’t have to know. Don’t tell them!”

“I would tell you to take your shoes off to check, but that would be disastrous.”

“If you pick myofilaments again I’m going to kick you in the back side.”


This week’s quotes got kind of awko taco — just saying!

“The male species has this sac outside the body and we just put the balls in there.”

“The lateral mesoderm  is found on the lateral side. DUH.”

“Females don’t have that temperature problem so they don’t descend outside. Can you imagine females with balls?”

“What goes through the bile duct in the liver?” (Awkward silence from the class) “Bile… DUH!”

“Embryology is a bi—!”

“If you are bored in medical school, then something is really wrong with you.”

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