Things I Heard in Medical School: Volume 7

Image result for awkward yeti

We made it passed bioethics and CPM! Now on to the real stuff. But before we dive too deep into our doom, let’s take a trip back and reminisce about some of the funny things we heard in the last two weeks!


You are not having a heart attack right now. Thank you for coming in. Good bye.Image result for awkward yeti

*While waving the microphone* “I’m dead! Well I’m not dead… the battery is…”

I gave you all a lot of extra info in your companion packet because I know you all are going to zone out in around 7 minutes.

You are going to die. So get your crap together.

I was going to tell them how archaic they were but I didn’t want to get fired.

We all know the teenagers who are like ‘oh my god my life sucks my family would better off without me’ and then you go and smack them upside the head and say ‘shut uppppp!’

Image result for bioethics memesWhat if they take the pills and it doesn’t work? Dun dun dunnnn

Who prescribed those pills? Oh crap.

More people have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died of Ebola in the United States. Maybe we should ban her.

How much effort should we be putting into preventing Zika in Florida when it is basically God’s waiting room anyway.


Pilots have a stressful job trying to get people to their destinations on time… except for Liat.

If I am uncomfortable, I will take the Image result for public health memespatient out of their discomfort…. I didn’t mean that in a bad way… I shouldn’t say things like that.

The world needs a little more of everyone and a little less of me.

I’m old so I have the excuse to have a teaspoon of vodka everyday.

I like Wendy’s. You know the French fries? And put those in the milk shake.

Image result for public health memesYo fat Albert, why you so fat?? Kentucky fried chicken!

Hey fat Albert. Lets play basketball. Uh ha, Kentucky fried chicken!

Look at this and smile.

You all are going sit there and overthink this and…. hahahaha


Why were you talking about stretching?Image result for medical school memes

I only say I want to nap so I sound like a normal person.

Oh you are enjoying the term so far? Hope you are enjoying our seats too.

That takes care of the first burger.

Image result for medical school memesImmediate cause of death: Term 2.

Underlying cause of death: Greek fries.

In elementary school I would hit people so hard and that they fell! Wait….

Butts up!

You know how they do the mic drop? Im going to do the clicker drop.

Of course she is teaching it. She knows everything.Image result for toodaloo no swearing


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