Front Row Views: Volume 1

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Welcome to my new series, Front Row Views. When I’m not paying attention in class (which is quite often… sorry mom and dad), I tend to notice really random things happening around me. Tie that in with my overly sarcastic and unfiltered personality and you get a somewhat funny post (I think). And since this first post happens to be on a Thursday, I decided to include some from my college days (#throwbackThursday anyone?)

Let me know what you all think!

A girl in my college Spanish class tried to convince me that I was from Mexico because of how well I spoke Spanish. The almost 10 years in school definitely had nothing to do with it.

In my radio journalism class, we were learning how to write out names phonetically. The professor was convinced that my name was pronounced “Hasmin.” Because I obviously don’t know how to say my own name.

As an editor at my college paper, we are expected to be fairly versed in grammar and punctuation and the English language. One of my writers was shocked that I could do these things, because I am Indian. Thanks, American comedy.

When I was studying for biochemistry in the office, my editor came up to me, saw what I was doing and slowly backed away with a repulsed look on her face. Yes, I wish I could do the same.

After teaching a biochemistry class, one of my students came up to me and promptly asked me to hand her all of my histology notes. Wahhhh???

I officially have a resting b—- face. My normal smile is apparently a grimace.

My friends got so excited when I got up because they thought I was finally going to the
bathroom during class. This is what our lives have become.

Our physiology professor, a strict yet kind man, started playing Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain before class. The entire class searched everywhere for the source of the music, all while he stood at the podium with a straight face.

Physiology professor then played a cover of Britney Spear’s Hit Me Baby One More
. I’m starting to think his strict demeanor is a facade but I approve of his taste in music.

I accidentally let a “y’all” slip out when talking to my friends. Their reaction was as though I started speaking in tongues. They haven’t seen my full Southern yet.


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