How to survive finals

It’s that time of year again. Where college students across the nation attempt to cram all of the information they should have learned through out the semester. Where college students forgo sleep in an attempt to use all of their remaining time before their demise. Where college students flock to the library to try to find the best study table like people fighting over electronics during a Black Friday sale.

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Managing stress

I decided to write this post after a tiring day of very little sleep, no food, meetings and tons of work. I was still recovering from a nasty cold and already had a pounding headache. Work was pretty hectic that night and no one was happy and did what humans do best: freak out. I came back to my dorm confused and shaking and at some point I realized I even had tears. Yeah, me crying is a very odd sight. I sat on my bed trying to figure out the reason why I had these stupid little salty droplets running down my face and then I finally realized – I was exhausted and I was stressed.

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Five cons to a single room


So as a senior, I got the chance to live in a dorm room without a roommate. My old roommate (who is also Punjabi, woot!) and I were planning on getting a triple with her sister, but the dorm was being bleh and it didn’t work out. We still see each other at least once a week and I can say that she is my best friend and basically my sister.

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