Front Row Views: Volume 2

Y’all probably thought this blog died. It didn’t. I just decided to spend my break binging on cake and Netflix. I am not ashamed. But now that I am back, so are the posts! So to kick off 2017 I bring you Front Row Views, where I tell you what I see and hear in medical school, but with my own snarky and heavily-laced-in-sarcasm commentary. I swear I was listening to the actual lecture, but this stuff was just way more interesting. Sorry mom.

A bunch of guys start smoking in front of us while we ate. My friend begins to thank them (in a voice loud enough for the my parents to hear in America) for the cancer we are getting from them. She proceeded to cough excessively and give them death glares. No chill with this one.

My friends and I have a veggie burger obsession. We go to said burger place so much that the owners just have to see us walking up the hill to start our orders. I don’t know if this is a good thing or just sad.

The burger shop bros and I are at the point in our relationship where we just laugh at each other when we meet because of my ridiculous order. Crazy burger lady. 28 EC. Done.

A few weeks go by without getting a burger from burger bros and they have forgotten my ever so complex meal. They then mixed up my burger with my friend’s. When I looked at it, I had tears of sadness because I was missing my bucket load of jalapenos. My friends eyes were watering for a whole other reason. Sorry, bro.

My friends have a plan to try to hug me throughout this semester. If anyone knows me, you know you do not come within my bubble. Ever. At any cost. This is not going to end well for them.

My brother is trying to convince me to binge watch a new TV show. You don’t understand meer mortal. We medical students don’t have time for TV. Much less anything really. Still questioning my life choices.

Me: Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I actually did my hair today?| Weather: How about a no.  | Me: This is why I constantly look like a potato.

It’s gotten so humid that we are constantly sweating. My friend can’t seem to get this word out though and has decided to just say ‘sweat’ for any question asked. Literally every question. Sweat.

One of my friends is super LA so I’ve decided to call him Judgy LA eyes. Today Judgy tried to convince me that North Carolina was not on the east coast. Google Maps, where you at girl?

Judgy LA eyes keeps sending me snaps of hearts. I think I need to get a restraining order.

Got a biscuit at KFC and talked about shooting guns. The southern stereotype lives on.

Took a random Buzzfeed like quiz to see how southern I am. Apparently, I’m as southern as they get, which is news to me.

Today the physiology professor played a rock song, again, with a straight face. He has a very interesting music palette.

We had a hurricane this week. And by that, I mean a tropical depression. And by that, I mean we had rain. This did not stop the Californians from acting like the Walkers were about to attack  the jail that was our classroom. 

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